The aim of the summer-school is to present the Gan-Gross-Prasad conjectures and survey some recent developpements. There will be :

  • Four introductory short courses (for a total of 20 hours) :
    • Introduction, by Benedict Gross
    • The local non-archimedean case, by Raphael Beuzart-Plessis
    • The golbal case, by Wei Zhang
    • Periods and L-functions, by Yiannis Sakellaridis
  • A conference with about 20 lectures : Benedict Gross, Dipendra Prasad, Wee Teck Gan, Atsushi Ichino, Shunsuke Yamana, Raphael Beuzart-Plessis, Binyong Sun, Stephen Kudla, Ben Howard, Michael Rapoport, Wei Zhang, Shouwu Zhang, Hervé Jacquet, Yiannis Sakellaridis, Michal Zydor...

The tentative schedule is now available.

We should be able to provide housing for about 60 participants. Priority will be given to students. Please already indicate in the registration form whether you want to apply for this offer.

Registration is closed.

 Organizing Commettee : Jean-François Dat and Alberto Minguez.

Scientific Commettee : Christophe Cornut, Michael Harris, Colette Moeglin and Jean-Loup Waldspurger.

Secretary: Nadine Fournaiseau and Elodie Destrebecq.

Sponsors : CNRS, UPMC, Paris-Diderot, IMJ, ANR, EC (ERC), Région Ile de France.

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